RÉSUMÉ NOW AVAILABLE: j-youngblood-resume.pdf

(responsive templates and framework implementation)
Jeff Click Design Build
(responsive design, technical implementation)
Ocean Companies Web Presence
(responsive modular design, custom CMS, multi-site implementation)
Dual Aire Services
(responsive design, currently working on back office mgmt software)
FLAMINGLIPS.COM #client #php #mysql #js #html #css #web site #admin
  • complete rebuild of an existing site (old site was drupal, icyww)
  • custom site admin for managing: audio + video playlists, news blog, tour dates, (and my personal favorite) site theme editor
  • moderator tools (spam control, user blacklisting, etc)
  • cute little popup audio player 😍
  • community features -- fans can add their own photos and videos and talk to each other and stuff
  • ...leave comments on everything (tour dates, videos, photos, news)
  • ...messaging, following, friending
  • i also built a discussion forum and store, but after a while they moved the community to reddit and warner bros introduced a customizable store solution for their artists
  • these guys are hella popular and their site gets a ton of traffic (it goes down occasionally and i provide maintenance support)
CHANGELOG MEDIA #client #audio #writing #open source #podcast
  • spent the last couple years editing some of my favorite podcasts:
  • go time + the changelog + request for commits + js party
  • content editing + mastering + publishing (compiling show notes, writing titles, descriptions, etc)
  • they told me they wouldn't be where they were as a company if it weren't for me :)
  • bonus: got to listen to a lot of cool conversations about various aspects of open source technology
  • i'd recommend listening to these shows if you have any interest in open source...they're good shows
SMOKE.JS #open source #js #library #documentation
  • problem: i like using alert() and prompt(), but i don't like the way it looks
  • solution: write a js library!
  • "write a js library" is my solution to many problems
  • this particular library was featured in issue 35 of javascript weekly
STEREO #open source #php #mysql #handlebars #framework #boilerplate #documentation
  • i got tired of writing the same functions over an over
  • every developer has written a framework
  • this one is really good
  • i use it every day to make $$$
  • WHAT DOES IT DO -- sets conventions (and includes handlers, convenient abstractions) for working with mysql data, building auth systems, rendering templates with handlebars, etc
  • i'm also developing a CMS based on this (it's called darkwave, and a lot of the sites i build use it)
LEXXI #open source #framework #boilerplate #node.js #express.js
  • i got tired of writing the same functions, but for node.js
  • it's more of a meta-framework, i guess? (built on top of express)
  • boilerplate and helper functions, project organization, sets conventions, provides abstractions, data handlers, etc
  • it was A LOT easier to develop because of npm
  • i haven't used (or updated) it in a while, so don't be alarmed by the outdated dependency warnings ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
OKC OWL CAM #client #admin #web site #php #mysql #js #html #css #rss
  • it's a seasonal live video stream of an owl nest!
  • this stream is very popular when it's baby owl season (no joke, they get like millions of viewers from all over the world)
  • the web site is mostly static, with a couple fun js components, a news blog, and a micro-blog feed (nest news)
  • the cool thing about this site is the darkwave-based admin, which handles: user mgmt, general news blog, nest news micro blog, nest stats, contest entries viewer, posting to twitter
  • my favorite part: i assembled a plugin for the streaming software (with quartz composer) that consumes an rss feed (with data for chat indicators, current weather, and nest news) every minute and sends it to the streaming software's graphics on the air
  • yes, i have been bitten by one of these owls
HEX GIRLFRIEND #bizdev #identity #hypermedia
  • the label under which i am producing various forms of hypermedia
  • hypermedia: e-zines, email newsletters, podcasts, youtube series, open source software, and maybe a few apps...
  • branding/identity assets produced w/ video feedback & vhs art
  • slowly developing, building a brand, projects in various stages of production as time permits
  • the name has nothing to do with neon indian 😡
CASSETT.ES #podcast #identity #hypermedia #web site #admin
  • FACT: 90% of all white dudes will have tried podcasting at least once by the time they're 40
  • mine is cool mix tapes with NO TALKING
  • they're really good mixes and i listen to them all the time when i'm working
  • the blog is on tumblr
  • the writing is all in spanish (.es domain ¿asi porque no?)
  • the artwork for each mix is a collection of various pics from my ffffound account (r.i.p)
  • oh yeah and it runs on a custom CMS (that eventually became darkwave, another work in progress...)
MSBD EXEC DIGITAL SIGNAGE #client #php #mysql #js #html #css #api #node.js #express.js #admin #weather #digital signage
  • custom digital signage system for an office complex
  • we got live weather, a tenant directory, conference room schedule, announcement/ad images
  • tenant admin: tenants can reserve times in the conference room and manage the logo that shows next to their name
  • mgmt admin: manage tenants/spaces, manage users, manage slide order/content
  • THE SIGN itself is a tv turned on its side and plugged into a mac mini in a nearby closet
  • i wrote an automator script that opens the web browser in fullscreen mode to the signage viewer web when the power goes out or the system gets restarted, nobody has to do anything to get it going and it JUST WORKS
JEFF CLICK HOMES #client #php #mysql #js #html #css #api #node.js #express.js #ember.js #mongodb #web site #admin #project management software
  • jeff is one of my favorite people to work with (and we've been working together over 10 years)
  • jeff is a real estate developer with good ideas and we've done a lot of cool stuff over the years
  • the most ambitious project i've worked on with jeff is called CLICKBUILD, and he uses it to manage nearly all the production information for his home construction company (which turns out to be A TON of data)
  • it does A LOT of stuff, primarily: manage the data for every project, client, & contractor, progress/issue tracking, discussion & file-sharing with jeff's staff and contractors (with email and text messaging options)
  • CB generates: purchase agreements, client news/progress feeds, web site data, pricing/versioning, closing board calendar, printable marketing fliers, craigslist ads, AND SO MORE!!!
  • there's also a private client portal with live progress feeds (they can see each task and phase as it's completed) and access all the data and contractors who worked on their home
  • the public web site is populated with live data from CB
  • oh yeah, and the photos for the slideshows are synced from flickr (so jeff only has to upload photos to flickr, which he loves, and paste a link to a photoset in CB...and it magically shows up on the web site!)
NRHA PROFILES API #client #api #documentation #js #mysql #php
  • profile system designed to integrate with existing web sites
  • helps members find professionals to help with their horses / skills
  • (NRHA is a horse sports association) (like the NBA, but for reining) (which is kinda like a fancy rodeo, i guess?) (i've seen some of these people do amazing things with horses)
  • interactive map w/ search/filter features
  • they wanted to make this functionality available to other organizations, so i wrote a REST api and some documentation
  • they changed their minds about the service, but their new web site (currently under development) is using the api for finding professional services, judges for events, and organization affiliates
OK RESALE AUCTION DATA MANAGER #client #node.js #express.js #js #web scraping #data wrangling
  • i built this for a real estate developer friend so he could quickly research properties at the annual ok county tax auction as they're on the block
  • problem: the auction only uses the id number to reference the properties (no addresses or anything)
  • solution: the data he needs is all publicly available, so let's scrape some government web sites!
  • i scraped data from like 3 or 4 different municipal sites and combined that data with some geo data from google and cleaned it up and compiled it into a human-friendly format
  • i also made it so he could save favorites and mark various properties as they were no longer available
  • kinda hacked together, but it worked great!
  • it could have been WAY nicer if i had had more time, but i had like a week, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • this guy made $40k in one day because of insight he gathered from this data (wow!)
  • and people at the auction were looking over his shoulder going "wow that's super cool, what is it?"
PERSONAL DASHBOARD SYSTEM #wip #product #api #react
  • my pet project that is helping me navigate the complexities of day-to-day life
  • and keep track of all the stuff on my plate (notes, projects, appointments, obligations, reference material, etc)
  • eventually it will become a product, but i'm just working to make it useful to me at the moment
  • modular architecture (extendable functionality via plugin ecosystem, developer api)
  • so far, i've got (messy, but) working components for:
    • reading and editing trello cards, google sheets, and markdown files stored in dropbox
    • clock, sun radar, moon phase indicator, calendar, weather, wakatime analytics, input console
    • organized links to frequently needed material (web services, docs, monitoring, etc)
    • offline cache, PWA components (service workers coming soon)
  • background processes are handled by various cron jobs, bash scripts, and oriax (my personal command line utility)
STATIC CITY #wip #product #community #identity #node.js
  • it's a web site that helps you make web sites
  • write markdown (and/or: html, css, js, raw json) in the editor, it gets rendered into a static site
  • focus is on simple organization, making it as easy as possible for anyone to put together an attractive static web site with minimal effort
  • eventually: platform apps for mobile phones & tablets, fancy plain text editor, visual layout/theme editor, modular components, integrations with other platforms
  • i would like to see a fun and friendly community develop around this
  • along with a theming platform (editor & marketplace) where people in the community can make money selling premium themes at reasonable prices
  • i also want to make some fun "intro to web sites" zines that help newcomers get started on their journey
xerOS / VSAT #wip #product #identity #community
  • human-friendly terminal emulator (primarily for tablets, but also apps for mobile and web)
  • visual composer for linux commands (think quartz composer or noflo) and tools for managing frequently-used commands/processes/routines
  • bundled with abstraction tools to make the process of working with linux servers more human-understandable and less esoteric (searching, navigating the filesystem, writing cron jobs, checking system stats, etc)
  • part of a larger personal crusade to build resources to help future developers become more familiar with (and less afraid of) the command line and all of the power linux affords them
  • ultimately want to build a community of developers eager to help n00bs learn in a safe, friendly, and encouraging environment
  • would love for that community to lead to real world collaboration with various groups (schools, maker spaces, etc), compiling a curriculum for "intro to linux" workshops, resources for hackathons, etc
  • the goal is to spark and foster interest by showing "kids" the cool things anyone can do with linux (and promote command line / systems concepts literacy)
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