hey, everyone.

you should know that i'm working on my new web site at the moment, so there is nothing to see here except a picture of the place i spend most of my time.

well, that's not entirely true because i'm really focusing my effort on a couple of major web/software development projects, but after i'm done with those i'll put some of my art on this web site. it's going to be great.

in the mean time, you are welcome to listen to my podcast and find things i've put in various places on the internet.

that last link is a google search of my name. it misses some of what i would consider the highlights (my tumblr doesn't have the best seo, i suppose), but it does include information on other people who share my name and seem to be doing interesting things with their lives, so it's still worth looking at for a few minutes.

anyway, i'll have some interesting things to show you soon. i think you're really going to like them.